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What Is Backflow Testing and Why Is It Important?

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Answering Questions About Backflow Testing For those wondering what backflow testing is, it's ok. Most people don’t know. Backflow testing and certification is a practice that is necessary for many businesses, but most homeowners won’t ever require it, with the exception that some irrigation systems have backflow preventers. For business owners, backflow testing is required

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When Did You Last Check Your Sewer System?

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If you’ve ever experienced a clogged sewer line before, staying on top of this home plumbing maintenance is one thing that you’ll never again forget. A clogged line can be messy, stressful and expensive. Not to mention the health risks that it can present if raw sewage backs up in your house or yard. Obviously,

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Another Job Plumbers Can Do Is Install Sinks


A home is full of DIY projects. Painting, roofing, carpentry, installing new appliances, etc. The list goes on. Among some of these projects, there’s one that frequently gets asked if it can be done by an expert: Can professional plumbers install sinks? The answer is yes, of course, they can. In fact, they are the

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Father Fails: Plumbing Tips 101


Fathers are often the protectors of the household and the ones who are expected to fix problems around the house - c’mon, isn’t that the whole point of gifting dad wrenches, chainsaws, and ladders for Father’s Day? While we might remember our Dad’s or our husband’s well-meaning attempts to fix things as precious as your

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