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How You Can Honor Veterans on Memorial Day


Spring is here, and Memorial Day is just around the corner. What does Memorial Day mean to you? For a lot of people, it means burgers, hot dogs, potato salad and maybe even the time to open the pool or go to the beach. But for veterans and their families, Memorial Day is the day

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The Truth About Hard Water Stains


Most companies simply aren’t going to tell you the truth about the problems that they claim to have a personalized solution for. The specialists here at Green Hills Plumbing aren’t most companies and we pride ourselves on good, honest service and providing our clients with the best of the best information. We’re going to tell

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Combat Excess Water Usage on Longer Days


Daylight savings time has a love-hate relationship with a lot of us. While we’re losing an hour of sleep, we’re gaining an hour of productive time. Are you excited about the longer days? While it gives you more time to get things done, like cleaning, homework, and even yard work, it could also be a

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Make The Best Commitment This Valentine’s Day


It’s not you. It’s me. It’s not that you’re a bad plumber. You’re great! It’s just that signing a year-long maintenance contract with your company that obligates me to use your services on a regular basis just isn’t something I can do. I’m a loner. A rebel. A renter. And it’s time for me to

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Bad Toilet Habits You Weren’t Aware Of


Almost every industry or product has some misinformation associated with it. Unfortunately, it often takes far too long to realize the untruths. Something as simple as your mother telling you that a garbage disposal system can handle all of the old food in the fridge as long as you run hot water with it can

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