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When Should You Replace Plumbing vs. Repair it

plumbing replacement

Is it time to replace your pipes? It's a question every homeowner in Nashville, TN asks themselves when dealing with a busted plumbing device. Purchasing new equipment can be costly, but it might be a better option than constantly repairing something that breaks easily. One must consider the benefits and drawbacks of conducting repairs vs.

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Why Perform Outdoor Plumbing Tasks in the Spring?

Outdoor Plumbing

With spring upon us, there is no time to waste in tackling your spring cleaning and maintenance. As you may know, a lot of home maintenance is seasonal, but you may be wondering why we recommend that you take care of your outdoor plumbing in the spring. That is because you’ll start increasing your lawn

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Take Care of Your Plumbing: Leak Preventing Tips

Plumbing Maintenance

As a homeowner, your time is money. That is exactly why you need to take the time to maintain your plumbing on a regular basis because investing that time in maintenance can help you avoid (or reduce) the costly repairs associated with pipe leaks. Even a tiny leak can cause all kinds of damage, so

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Save Money With this Easy-to-Follow Guide!

Save Money With this Easy-to-Follow Guide!   The key to saving money on your water bills these days is to practice the principles of at-home water conservation, which means reducing your consumption, recycling used water and practicing abstinence from using water whenever possible. A good example of abstinence would be letting your green sod lawn

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