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When Did You Last Check Your Sewer System?

sewer system services

If you’ve ever experienced a clogged sewer line before, staying on top of this home plumbing maintenance is one thing that you’ll never again forget. A clogged line can be messy, stressful and expensive. Not to mention the health risks that it can present if raw sewage backs up in your house or yard.

Obviously, a blocked sewer line is something that you want to avoid whenever possible. With that goal in mind, today we’ll talk about how your sewer system works, how often you should have sewer system services and ways you can avoid a blocked sewer line.

The Integral Role Your Sewer System Plays in Your Home’s Plumbing

whatsewersystemYou probably don’t think too much about your sewer system or the important role that it plays in your home’s plumbing, but whether or not you pay much attention to it, it is an essential part of your home’s plumbing system.

Your home has two piping systems - one that brings in clean water and one that carries out wastewater. Gravity is the primary force used to carry wastewater down, out of your home and to a sewer line that connects with a city or municipal sewer system.

If your drainage line is not properly clearing out wastewater, then your entire system can get backed up causing a variety of plumbing problems and health hazards. To avoid this, it’s important that your home’s sewer line stays clear and that it effectively carries wastewater from your home to a sewer system.

What Are Sewer System Services And Checks?

sewersystemcheckTo ensure that it’s working properly, it’s important to regularly get your sewer line inspected and cleaned. The simple task of staying on top of sewer system services can help you avoid a plumbing emergency, costly repairs, and a major cleanup. You should have your sewer line cleaned at least every two years.

As part of this service, a camera will be inserted into your line to locate any clogs, buildups or problem areas. By consistently having your sewer line cleaned, you should avoid any major problems that stop your home’s plumbing from working properly.

The Importance of Avoiding a Blocked Sewer Line

blockedsewersystemIf your line does get blocked, it can cause sewage to build up in your drain line. Eventually, this will back up so much that it will cause the wastewater to back up in your house and your yard.

This will keep your plumbing from working properly and will create a major mess. The best way to avoid this is through regular cleaning; however, if you are behind on that, it’s important that you are aware of any signs that your sewer line needs to be cleaned out.

If you hear a gurgling sound around pipes, if you have any water backed up in your home, if there is pooling in your drains or toilets or if you smell raw sewage, it might mean that there is a blockage in your sewer line. If you notice any of these signs, schedule an inspection and cleaning as soon as possible.

To avoid a sewer system backup, take some time this fall to make sure your sewer system is working properly. If you have any concerns about your system or need to have it cleaned, call Green Hills Plumbing today at (615) 383-3339.