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The Truth About Hard Water Stains


Most companies simply aren’t going to tell you the truth about the problems that they claim to have a personalized solution for. The specialists here at Green Hills Plumbing aren’t most companies and we pride ourselves on good, honest service and providing our clients with the best of the best information. We’re going to tell you the truth about hard water stains and how to remove and most importantly, how to avoid them!

What Exactly Is Hard Water?

hardwaterHard water is water that has a high concentration of minerals such as magnesium and calcium infused in it. While it is considered safe to consume, hard water can have a huge negative impact on items within your home such as laundry and can even affect the quality of your shower.

As for your plumbing system, hard water can cause buildup in your pipes resulting in clogs. It is also known to induce rust on sink faucets throughout the household.

As far as aesthetics, most people can agree that the stains left behind by hard water in our showers and toilets look dirty and can be a huge eyesore. Read on to learn how to nip this problem in the bud once and for all!

Removing Hard Water Stains Off Any Surface

cleaningstainsThe key to removing hard water stains is using an acidic substance to cut through the rust. If you don’t want to go out and buy specific cleaning products, you may be in luck after a quick trip to your pantry. White vinegar is a great substance to fight off hard water stains.

When removing hard water stains of off glass, you will need a highly acidic glass cleaner a pair of gloves, and a sponge. Make sure to thoroughly read the product instructions carefully to avoid any damages on your glass. If the glass is an area where food is consumed, it would be best to skip out on the cleaning product and use a natural vinegar solution.

When getting rid of those nasty hard water stains in your toilet, all you’ll need is a pair of gloves, a powdered multi-purpose cleaning product, and a fine-grit drywall sanding screen. When cleaning the tile in your home, you will need white vinegar along with a cleaning pad or a few paper towels. Apply the vinegar to the stains and let it sit for 8 hours before rinsing the solution away.

After The Stains Are Gone

watersoftenerNow that you’ve rid your home of all those terrible hard water stains, the next step is to prevent them from appearing again. Unfortunately, as long as your home runs on hard water, you will have to clean for those stains often.

However, with the investment in a water softener, you will never have to worry about going through the motions of hard water stain removal ever again.

A water softener system filtrates the minerals out of your water supply, leaving you with soft water and a stain-free home! Now that you have a hard water stain free home, you can get back to what really matters! Don’t let the stress of hard water get you down.

Here at Green Hills Plumbing, our team of dedicated plumbing experts is here to answer any questions you have about hard water and the many benefits of water softeners! We’d love to hear from you so give us a ring at (615) 383-3339 and share this article with friends and family