Nashville Hydro Jetting Services

Struggling with a stubborn blockage in your drains that just won’t seem to budge? Call your local drain experts at (615) 383-3339 for professional hydrojetting services.

Blocked sewer and plumbing lines can be a real problem for any Nashville home. Not only do they prevent proper drainage, but also they can put unnecessary strain on your pipes. Before you continuously throw harmful cleaners down the drain, look to our expert plumbing contractors for help. At Green Hills Plumbing we offer hydro jetting services, which are the best way to remove troublesome blockages from your piping. Using highly pressurized water, any and all clogs are removed safely, and effectively.

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4 Blockages that Require Hydrojetting

As we see with most homeowners, they’ll opt for store-bought drain cleaners to deal with slow drains. Not only can these be damaging to your plumbing, but they may not actually work on certain clogs. These troublesome clogs include:

  • Scale: If your Nashville home uses unfiltered water for plumbing, then scale buildup may be a cause for concern. Scale is a mineral deposit that is left in your plumbing. Over time, the scale can build up, blocking your lines completely. Hydrojetting may be one of the only methods that remove these blockages.
  • Invasive Roots: There’s a reason landscapers will tell you not to plant trees with deep root systems near your plumbing lines. Eventually, in their search for water, these root system will find it in your plumbing, and store-bought drain cleaners won’t be able to get the job done.
  • Hardened Grease: You should never throw cooking grease down the drain, because as it cools, it hardens, creating serious clogs in your plumbing lines. Eventually that same sticky grease will also trap other debris going down your plumbing, creating a large plumbing blockage.
  • Sewer Line Buildup: Sewer lines are a little different than your other plumbing lines because they are mainly used for waste, and also come in contact with the city lines. Because of this, they can get clogged with all kinds of debris that won’t be broken down with traditional methods.

When you have a severe clog that just won’t go away with regular drain cleaners and snakes, let hydrojetting be the solution. Using highly pressurized water, at 4,000 PSI or more, you’ll remove any and all blockages from your plumbing. Best of all, hydro jetting service is completely safe for your plumbing, and can actually have much longer lasting effects in your home.

The Green Hills Plumbing Difference in Nashville

When your standard plumbing snake doesn't get the job done, Green Hills Plumbing is here to help. Since opening our doors in 1971, we’ve always worked hard to stay at the front of plumbing innovations, one such innovation being hydro jetting. Through our experience, we’ve been able to use the latest tools and methods to clear out any plumbing clogs.

Our hydro jetting services are detailed and effective, and actually address the source of your plumbing problems. You can schedule an in-home inspection of your plumbing, to determine whether or not hydrojetting is right for you.

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When standard plumbing snakes don’t get the job done, call in the hydrojetting crew. Call Green Hills Plumbing at (615) 383-3339 and get detailed drain cleaning services for your Nashville home.