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The Toilet Trends of 2012 - Green Hills Plumbing

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You might not think much about your toilet bowl on a regular basis. I know, it is just something in a home that is necessary, but a toilet bowl, in a large family, sees a lot of daily traffic, and thus requires proper toilet installation.

Your toilet bowl likely gets the same amount of use as your stove, or air conditioner. Now when you put it that way a toilet bowl should be something we, as homeowners, do think about. There are actually toilet bowl trends and technologies that are constantly changing. Who’d have thought it?

The number one trend in toilet design at the moment is efficiency. High-efficiency toilets are all the rage. Simple fact; the average American uses 100 gallons of water a day. High-efficiency toilets can use up to 67% less water than the average toilet bowl. A toilet invented in Australia uses a “dual flush” system that allows the toilet to change the volume of water for the amount of waste being flushed.

Toilet bowls are also going high tech. In 2011 the Numi toilet was showcased at a conference. This toilet, with a hefty $6,000, price tag comes with a fully-functioning bidet, water temperature controls, a seat that automatically lifts and speakers that allow for iPod compatibility. While the Numi is the over-the-top techie toilet there are some new technical features that have made a big splash in the toilet industry. The auto-flusher, which cuts down on germ dissemination, is one of the high-tech feature that is catching on across the country.

The technological trends don’t just stop at speaker functionality. Inex, a higher end bathroom brand, has created a toilet bowl that has small illuminating lights inside the rim to create an easier, safer nighttime urinating experience. While it might sound silly to some when you really think about stumbling into the bathroom in the middle of the night to relieve yourself is there anything better than the idea of lights built right into the bowl? I don’t think so.

In all seriousness there are certain toilet trends that have become a necessity. With an aging population many bathroom manufacturers are leaning towards an accessibility trend. Toilet bowls are being built higher and wider to accommodate an aging population. Vanities are leaning towards the floating-variety in an attempt to create space for wheelchairs and walkers. This trend allows for the aging population to remain independent and comfortable in their homes without having to sacrifice style. It’s a rather impressive, noble and sustainable trend in toilets.

Overall the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, believe it or not. I’m sure prior to this you didn’t give your toilet a second thought, but the bathroom industry is up-and-coming. As long as companies keep plugging away at creating efficient, comfortable and tech-cool gadgets we will surely figure out a way to put them in our bathrooms. Stay posted for the latest toilet trends.