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How To Avoid A Clogged Toilet

I'm sure you've had this problem. We all have. A clogged toilet can range anywhere in severity from a simple flush clearing the blocked pipe, to needing to call a plumber in, to snake out the line to get it clear. Either way and at any level, a clogged toilet isn't a fun situation to deal with.

There are steps that you and your family can take to eliminate or at least lessen the chances of getting a clogged toilet. For example, using a lighter toilet paper will reduce your risk of this problem.

Many people find it handy to keep a lined trash can beside their toilet. No, not to throw waste paper in silly, but rather to avoid from the temptation of flushing paper towels or other things down the toilet. Make sure that you put a bag, such as a grocery bag in the trash can so that you won't get your trash can all dirty.

While it's something that nobody likes to talk about, we all do it and have to deal with it. If you're having a larger than normal bowel movement, you might want to consider flushing the toilet twice. This keeps the waste from all going down at the same time. Additionally if it's a particularly messy bowel movement, you might consider flushing twice during wiping, since many of the clogged toilets result from too much toilet paper being flushed at one time.

Use a product such as Rid-X and pour some down your toilet bowl. This will help to keep the pipes clean and your system running smoothly.

We all know how kids can get over excited about things sometimes too. They can easily get carried away with toilet paper and go a bit crazy with it. Have a talk with them and share some of these tips with the whole family.

Hopefully some of these tips will help you avoid having one of those nasty toilet clogs that can completely ruin your day.

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