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Five Reasons to Hire a Real Plumber


1. Sanitation

It pays to keep in mind the reason plumbers need a license. It's because a lot is riding on the plumbing being installed properly. Drains are the most complicated and the most touchy part of plumbing. Yet many think that because they are not pressurized they are easy. Actually, the reverse is true. Drains rely on flow and fall. This is done with a series of measurements and a system for keeping the pipes flow descent at the correct angle. Either too much or too little can result in a clog.

2. Codes

Even licensed plumbers are called in yearly to re-train on all the new codes and materials that are being required by building codes. Plumbers have to retest often on all of these updates. If a plumber is negligent in getting their licensed renewed they have to retest on the whole code book not just the updates. Suffice to say, its complex enough that building departments don’t take chances with even licensed plumbers. Why should you take chances with an unlicensed one.

3. Liability

A plumber is not just required to learn every aspect of the job, and become licensed; they are also required to be insured, for their work and their employees. They must also carry a bond that makes sure they are financially responsible enough to do the job.

4. Time

If you are going to do it yourself and you are going by “the Book,” if you've never done this type of work before, then you will take way longer than an experienced plumber that does that work every day. If it is a new construction, you will have to worry about passing inspection. If you don’t, your time frame has just gone out the window. If it is a home repair, how long will your family be out of a working plumbing system while you figure it out?

5. Guarantees.

Many people that do their own work may meet with a measure of success. Things will be great until you spring a leak or find a line that did not get welded properly or a fitting that breaks. If you do it yourself, you cannot call in a plumbers guarantee. You may tough out crawling under your house once; do you really want to have to do it twice?

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